Jonno Joins coverBuy jonno nowThe first book: Jonno Joins

The five Tribers save a friend from being expelled, crush a scary gang and defy the school to rescue an innocent creature condemned to death. And the best thing is that they do it together.

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Goodbye Copper PieThe second book: Goodbye Copper Pie

It’s full of questions:   

will Copper Pie really desert Tribe?
will the summer fair be a success?
who’s getting a dog? (and who is Marco?)
who stole the precious medals? (and who’s going to put them back?)

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Keener Bunks OffThe third book: Keener Bunks Off

The Tribers organise a bunking-off routine, win and lose at school camp, and worse, have to face losing Bee.

Can they put everything right or not?

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Published October 2010


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