meet Fifty

(short for Fifty percent, because he’s half as tall as the others)

The only Triber that is very very occasionally called by his real name, Thomas, by the dinner lady who remembers the day he wore his Thomas the Tank engine pyjamas under his school clothes.

Short (obviously) with lovely bouncy black curly hair and rosy cheeks. He would make a cute pet. What he lacks in height he makes up for with his mouth – he has a wonderful smile and is charming, when he needs to be. He avoids exercise of any sort, but likes acting. He often sides with Keener, because he’s not keen on trouble and definitely not keen on any trouble that might involve fighting. Fifty does the talking when Tribe are in a hole.

facts about Fifty


His mum is into ‘quality time’, making sure there is lots of opportunity for mummy-son chats. Fifty tries not to be alone with her! It’s better now that they’ve got Probably Rose, his baby sister, because she takes up a lot of what used to be spare time. Fifty’s mum tries to help everyone with their problems. At work they pay her to do it but she helps everyone else for free. Fifty’s dad is invisible. He works really hard, delivering post all morning and then taking photos of weddings and birthdays and whatever else people want photos of the rest of the time.

Fifty’s feelings

He doesn’t like the way the others tease him about his size. He could tell them how he feels but that would be a stressy thing to do. He’ll put up with it .… but just wait till he grows, Tribers!

Fifty’s favourite stuff

Song – Raindrops on Roses from the Sound of Music.
Clothes – chooses everything himself – favourites at the moment are his jeans, grey and green stripy T-shirt from Ralph Lauren and grey sweater (really soft wool). And his furry slippers.
Food – candy floss, marshmallows, icing.
People – Probably Rose for definite.
Colour – grey and green.
Game – Twister, even though he can’t reach very far.
Animal – mole.
Car – Morris Minor Traveller (his dad used to have a black one and it was cool).

likes and dislikes

Loves fire, sparks, fireworks, bonfires, camp fires …
Loves sweet things, the more sugar the better.
Lives singing (sings lullabies to his baby sister).

things he’s done to make himself grow

Eaten double portions of meat every day for a week to test if protein helps.
Hung off the doorframe to make gravity stretch him.
Drank 10 glasses of milk before bed because Bee said it had growth hormone in it to make calves grow big.
Talked to his body to encourage it (his mum’s idea).